Dr Duncan James

I like to focus on my writing. So, my (this) website is very simple. I spend minutes a year on my website so that my writing (and promotional tours) can be as professional as possible! If you have any questions (or wish to join my inner circle of pre-publication readers) you are welcome to email me on drduncanjames@gmail.com but it can take a while for me to reply as I can go a few days (or even weeks sometimes) without checking my inbox.

I write fiction and nonfiction. “Follow” me on Amazon for book news.
Latest News:
Easter 2020: Free Maths Tutoring at Bournemouth Central Library
+ Cancelled due to coronavirus. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Private tutoring now available on request but this will be charged for. A free chat on the phone is available to any student and I can then follow up with an email with links to suggested exercises.
Easter 2021: Puma Expedition
+ Incredible wildlife sightings, poachers, kidnapping, desperate chases, and a fight for survival in the desert of the Andes Mountains at over 4,000m! Pre-order this fiction book on Amazon from early January 2021.
The inspirational Nature Travel Guide series includes books about Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Tasmania, Britain, Scandinavia, Estonia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.
+ Sprinkle amazing wildlife highlights into your vacation or go further and create a complete wildlife-watching itinerary.
My book Improve Your Maths Grade in 2 Hours will do just that. Read the book and work with over 100 complementary maths videos on YouTube. Learn my top tips from years of working as an often fully booked maths tutor.
+ Book also includes download link for the full set of videos.
+ Students on a tight budget can simply use the video playlist on YouTube for free.
My Partner Dance Handbook book combines with over 50 dance videos on YouTube to make a way for complete beginners to learn waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, rumba, salsa and cha cha.
+ Book also includes download link for the full set of videos.
+ Try before you buy with one or more of my free YouTube lessons such as the popular “Learn Waltz in 35 Minutes” video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVGeyhYoULM
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+ other countries too.
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+ Email me to become one of my inner circle of readers who do proof reading, help generate early reviews and ultimately get to see more of my writing sooner than everyone else!
I have a YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/drduncanjames
+ You can “subscribe” on YouTube for updates about my videos which mainly complement my books.
+ I am in the early stages of developing a narrative wargaming series for my channel. It will be very heavily story driven as that is my passion in gaming. Companies that want their gaming systems showcased are needed and volunteers to play on camera and help with editing off camera are also needed.