Dr Duncan James

I like to focus on my writing. So, my (this) website is simply a series of links to pages hosted on other sites. I spend minutes a year on my website so that everything else I do can be as professional as possible! If you have any questions you are welcome to email me on drduncanjames@gmail.com but it can take a while for me to reply as I can go a few days (or even weeks sometimes) without checking my inbox.

I have an author page on Amazon with links to the books I have written. (Repeated on different country sites.)
I have written nature travel guides about Costa Rica, New Zealand, Tasmania, Britain, Scandinavia, Estonia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.
I have also written a wildlife activity book.
You can also find my ticket2dance partner dance book on Amazon.
I am developing a science fiction series that will use real science (with a couple of minor tweaks) to create an incredible fictional universe.
I am also developing a series of children’s fiction books based around nature.
Use the “follow” button on my Amazon author page for updates about my books.
I have a YouTube channel.
There are nearly 50 complete dance lessons (up to half an hour in length) on my YouTube channel.
I share videos from my wildlife-watching trips.
I have some short, bite-sized maths videos and I’m currently developing more on topics in my maths tutoring where I have had the most success finding innovative approaches.
You can “subscribe” to me on YouTube for updates about my videos.
I am a maths tutor. I focus on “big picture” skills to create instant improvements in ability and study skills so the student can then continue improving during self-study. I can do online tutorials or home visits depending on where I am. Mainly my focus is making maths simpler (I find maths is way overcomplicated by many other teachers) with no “tricks” but just 20 or so skills that will solve almost any maths problem.
My tutoring website http://www.poolemathstutor.wordpress.com has more information.
Similarly, I can offer private dance lessons for couples or individuals in most partner dances.
You can help!
Email me to become part of the development and proofreading team.
Any book reviews on Amazon are a big help.
Tell your friends about my books.